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Importing Webmail into Thunderbird

There is a 2 step procedure to import the folders from Webmail into Thunderbird: 1-. Log in into Webmail as usual and select Horde as your email client. Click on Mail on the left Click on Folders on top Checkmark the folder you want to export/download From the "Choose Action" drop-down menu select "Download" and save to your PC the .mbox file for that folder in a place you can remember 2-. Download the Import/Export Tools from this Website: Install the extension in Thunderbird Create one new folder in your Local Folders and select it. Once Thunderbird re-start select "Tools -> Import/Export Tools -> Import mbox file" Select the .mbox file you previously downloaded. You may need to wait a little depending of the size of the file. Repeat the procedure for each folder. Be patient when downloading/processing large folders.

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