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The Email is not working!

When there is a glitch with the our servers we are the first ones to know, way before any of our customers since: 

1) We spend more than 12 hours a day connected to it and working on it. 

2) We rely on at least 3 discrete monitoring services. When a service fails we receive an instant message and act upon it. 

Email failures are extremely uncommon, most of the times the issue is email clinet configuration or Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues. 

If an email account is having problems please open a ticket on the Help Desk, please include the email account in question and it's password (for security reasons we can't retrieve email passwords) we'll run multi-point diagnostics. 

The diagnostic on our end covers testing email traffic from and to our server(s) and its resolution if a problem surfaces; it does not cover email client/device configuration but we rely on several competent technicians that can provide email configuration services.

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